“Blue Incubator & AltaSea will be USA's BlueTech bookends.” B. Zonis, CleantechOpen

Blue Crew Management & Advisory Team

Captain Breezy Grenier, FRGS



Chief Science & Operations Officer

Breezy is an ocean scientist by education, and mariner, educator, and entrepreneur by trade. After serving four years in the United States Coast Guard, she attended the University of Rhode Island, studying geology and geological oceanography, marine biology, and underwater archaeology.

A licensed boat captain, Breezy serves as the captain of several vessels from research, fishing, diving and service support, to eco-tourism. She is the Technical Director of an amateur sailing team, and instructs snowboarding, scuba diving, and boating. Breezy is not only a member of the Explorers Club and a Fellow at the Royal Geographical Society, she is also a member of the Sedna Epic Expedition, an all female team of sea women, planning on completing a historic snorkel relay of the Northwest passage.

Breezy uses her unique combinations of knowledge and experience to relay theoretical and practical understanding of what she sees at sea, whether it be disappearing sea ice and stress to the wildlife, to plastic pollution found everywhere. 

To help relay her message and inspire the next generation, she is the founder of Scientists are Superheroes too, which is to help change the scientist stereotype, and focuses on getting children to go outside, explore, and play sports, engaging and empowering youth to climate actions, and promote healthy and environmentally sustainable lifestyles. She is also an academic advisory lead for the "Blue Semester" at the Blue Institute, advising on internships, experiential learning and ocean sciences.  Breezy is the founder of Eco-Elders, which promotes connecting generations, creating a knowledge exchange focusing on [home] maker skills, aimed at reducing and reusing habits to combat our ocean plastics problem.

C. Eben Franks



Associate Director for 

Business Development & 

Interim Director for Operations

C. Eben Franks has nearly 45 years of experience as a sailor, seaman, sea-going technician, geological engineer, geochemist, marine science educator, project manager, underwater vehicle pilot, adventurer and ocean explorer. Between 1981 and 2002, he was manager of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's Stable Isotope Paleoclimate lab. During that time, he personally collected over 500 deep sea sediment cores ranging in length from a few inches to more than 100 feet. In 2002, Eben collected the longest sediment core ever taken in the Arctic, more than 65 feet. He has performed oxygen and carbon analyses using mass spectrometry on approximately 70,000 samples spanning all of the world's oceans. This immense amount of data has provided detailed records of global climate and ocean circulation changes over the past 5 million years.

Since beginning his sea-going career at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in 1971, Eben has spent more than 8 1/2 years at sea on research vessels and offshore exploratory oil and gas platforms including a 7 month expedition to study plate tectonics on the West African Margin and in the South Atlantic in 1972. Since graduating from the University of Miami with a degree in Geology in 1977, he has visited 25 countries and participated in more than 40 major expeditions from the Equator to high latitudes studying climate change, geophysics, physical oceanography, marine geology, marine biology, underwater archeology and deep ocean minerals exploration. During the summer of 2005, Eben was the pilot of an underwater remotely operated vehicle on a 5 week expedition in the Arctic for the NOAA Ocean Exploration program. During dives to as deep as 9,000 feet, dozens of new species were discovered, filmed and collected as a key component of the Census of Marine Life and NOAA Hidden Ocean Arctic 2005 programs.

In 2011, Eben was the scientific liaison on a major Korean research expedition in the SW Pacific. During 6 weeks at sea, millions of tons of high-grade poly-metallic sulfides were discovered, sampled and documented using an Oceaneering Magnum ROV. The value of these deposits was estimated in the tens to hundreds of billions of dollars. 

Prior to semi-retirement in 2014, Eben was Director of Solutions Support for Liquid Robotics, Inc., a Sunnyvale (Silicon Valley) California-based startup company. Between 2010 and 2013, he was employed as an ROV Project Manager and Sales and Marketing Representative at Deep Sea Systems International/Oceaneering in Cataumet, Mass and is the test site manager for Marine Renewable Energy Collaborative’s Bourne Tidal Turbine Test Site in the Cape Cod Canal. 

Eben's multifarious interests include exploration for sea-bed minerals, marine casualty investigations, underwater exploration and archeology, science education, climate change, mass spectrometry, renewable energy development, maritime domain awareness, port security as well as emergency underground communications for the mining industry.

Judith Underwood



Chief Executive Officer


Judith Underwood is an entrepreneur, educator and an environmentalist.  She has 20+ years of scientific development & technology transfer work at research and educational institutions including MIT, the United Nations, and the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy.  

Judith is the Co-Founder of the Blue Incubator at the Blue Institute Labs, PBC, a Public Benefit Corporation, which is developing the first BlueTech hub (Blue Innovation Center) on the US Eastern Seaboard with direct access to the Atlantic Ocean.  The Blue Innovation Center is focused on BlueTech, inter-operability, water security, and aquaculture  serving entrepreneurs, and the Blue Cluster of academia, government agencies and established companies who need shared, collaborative, on-sight services and reliable ocean access for testing, training, and teaching.

Judith is spearheading the growth of a "Blue Fund" to support entrepreneurs  - particularly startups bringing in women, veterans and minorities to the burgeoning Blue Economoy.   Judith believes strongly in "innovation through collaboration" and welcomes sponsors and partners in these efforts.  She is particularly keen on supporting entrepreneurship having founded her first company Brown to Green Solar, Inc. in 2009 just after the market crashed.  The then novel (and super challenging) idea of putting solar on landfills and other brown-fields is now the norm.  "Early stage funding, business support services and especially mentoring is key to novel and often "dual-use" ideas and products surviving, thriving and commercializing."

Judith is an alum of the EforAll and the CleanTech Open Business Accelorators.  She has been an organizer and mentor for numerous Cape Cod Technology Council StartUp Weekends and is also the founder of the Blue Institute - an education, research and community engagment center for clean water, healthy oceans, and climate change issues.

She has a B.A. from the University of Massachusetts Boston, a Master’s from New York University, and has additional graduate environmental studies from Antioch University New England. Judith lives on Cape Cod where she serves on the Regional Wastewater Taskforce and as an elected Water Commissioner for the Town of Harwich.



Co-Founders & Advisors with Passionate "Blue" Vision

Todd Jesse



Facilities & Waterfront Advisor

Rhonda Moniz



Chief Technical Advisor

Sales Manager, Woods Hole Group

President, Marine & Oceanographic Technology Network

John Ellersick, P.E. PMP



 Advisor, Entrepreneurship 

President, Next Rung Technology 

Michael E. Sullivan, MBA



Advisor, Business Development 

Director, Eekosystem Services

Kevin Ulmer, Ph.D.



Chief Scientific Advisor

Founder & CEO, nU-Boats

Our Awesome Advisory Board

Mary Barry


 Executive Director at New England Water Environment Association (NEWEA)


Harlan Doliner, Esq.


Vice President, Legal Affairs - Compliance Director, Marine Technology & Maritime Professional Services Group at Mabbett & Associates, Inc. 

Dennis Egan, PE


General Manager EESS, USCG Retired Chair, Wahsington, DC Section

Marine Technology Society (MTS)

Robyn Hannigan, Ph.D.



Clarkson University

Cliff Robbins, Ph.D., Eng, MBA


Senior Consultant at Massachusetts Small Business Development Center Network Southeast Regional Office

Fady Saad, MS Eng.


Co-Founder & Director of Partnerships


Toby Stapleton, Ph.D., MBA


Dean of Graduate and 

Continuing Education Programs

Salve Regina University

Karen Utgoff, MBA


Market-oriented business strategy Venture development 

Innovation & entrepreneurship

Small business development

Mark Watson, MBA


CEO and Founder of 

Keel Asset Management LLC